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The Northern Virginia Transportation Commission is co-owner of Virginia’s only commuter rail system, the highly successful Virginia Railway Express. With the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission,  NVTC provides governance and oversight of VRE directly and through its appointments to the VRE Operations Board. The Commissions’ each perform management of state and federal assistance to VRE, the support of the VRE Operations Board, and the apportionment of local contributions. The Commissions also share responsibility for regional planning of the VRE commuter rail system.

The VRE Operations Board, consisting of 14 commissioners, oversees all operating aspects of the Virginia Railway Express under authority delegated by the two Commissions and consistent with the terms of the VRE Master Agreement. NVTC and PRTC approve VRE policies, fares, major investments and legislative initiatives, authorize expenditures greater than $1,000,000 and approve the annual VRE budget and multi-year capital improvement program.NVTC appoints four members of the thirteen members of the VRE Operations Board, one for each of Alexandria, Arlington, and 2 from Fairfax County, as well as three alternates. NVTC and PRTC rotate responsibility for chairing the Operations Board.

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