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VA’s WMATA Board Members Q&A On Metro

VA’s WMATA Board Members Q&A on Metro

Funding Metro was the primary interest of those attending NVTC’s WMATA Board Member Forum Wednesday night in Reston. Questions touched on how to stem the pending transit fiscal cliff, bolster the 2.1 percent regional gas tax, improve WMATA’s bond rating, and advocate for additional resources from Richmond. The event, moderated by NVTC Secretary-Treasurer Matt Letourneau, featured a brief presentation by WMATA board members Cathy Hudgins, Jim Corcoran, Christian Dorsey and Paul Smedberg, who then fielded questions from a packed house. Board members spoke to the WMATA general manager’s “shared sacrifice” approach to closing a $290 million gap in the operating budget and the need to provide additional time for Metro to perform track maintenance.

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