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Northern Virginia’s economic growth and global competitiveness are directly tied to the region’s transit network. Transit links business to employees, customers, suppliers and investors and residents to jobs, school, shopping and entertainment. With nearly 60 percent of jobs within a quarter-mile of a rail station or bus stop, Northern Virginia is among the nation’s most transit-accessible areas. For the past five decades, the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission (NVTC) has promoted an efficient, high-quality and innovative transit network in order to fuel the economy and sustain the region’s quality of life.

Each work day 550,000 Northern Virginians commute via transit, saving the region 35.5 million hours of congestion-related delays annually. Virginia Railway Express (VRE) riders, nearly 19,000 daily, take the equivalent of two lanes of traffic – one each on I-66 and I-95 – off the highways during rush hour. With six bus systems extending from Loudoun County to the City of Alexandria and commuter- and fixed-rail systems, Northern Virginia continues to explore new ways to better connect businesses, residents and visitors.

NVTC supports legislation and policies that build our transportation network by:

  • Maintaining and expanding opportunities for dedicated, sustainable funding for transit capital and operations;
  • Establishing the Metro Safety Commission (MSC) to enhance safety and security of riders and systems in the region through diligent oversight;
  • Using metrics to promote efficiency and maximize capital investments;
  • Promoting and strengthening regional cooperation and accountability;
  • Maximizing use of new and existing facilities to enhance transit performance and safety; and
  • Fostering innovation and technological integration that improves transit operations and expands service.

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