Kate Mattice
Executive Director
703-524-3322 ext. 104

Nobuhiko Daito
Program Analyst
703-524-3322, ext. 112

Dan Goldfarb
Transit Planning and Programs Manager
703-524-3322, ext. 113

Melissa Walker
Technology and Information Resource Coordinator
703-524-3322, ext. 102
melissawalker (at) novatransit.org

Scott Kalkwarf  
Director of Finance and Administration
703-524-3322, ext. 107
scottkalkwarf (at) novatransit.org

Andrew D’huyvetter
Transit Projects and Policy Manager
703-524-3322, ext. 111

Patricia Happ
Transit Planning and Programs Manager
703-524-3322, ext. 114
 patriciahapp (at) novatransit.org

Karen Finucan Clarkson
Communications and Outreach Manager
703-524-3322, ext. 103
karen (at) nvtdc.org

Rhonda Gilchrest
Meetings and Events Manager/Commission Secretary
703-524-3322, ext. 106

Colethia Quarles
Assistant Financial Officer
703-524-3322, ext. 101
colethiaquarles (at) novatransit.org