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Improving your travel experience – whether you drive or ride along the I-66 corridor – is at the heart of Transform 66 Multimodal. NVTC and the Commonwealth of Virginia have joined forces to bring new travel options and greater travel-time reliability to those who commute along this busy corridor. The goals of Transform 66 Multimodal are straightforward: move more people, increase opportunities to connect from one mode of travel to another, improve transit service, reduce roadway congestion, and increase travel choices.

In January 2016, NVTC and the Commonwealth signed a 40-year agreement allowing NVTC to use toll revenues from I-66 inside the Beltway to fund multimodal projects. These projects, designed to benefit toll payers, will ease travel through this congested corridor. Park-and-ride lots, bike share stations, express bus service and high-tech transit information screens are among the types of projects eligible for funding. The first 10 projects, approved by both NVTC and the Commonwealth Transportation Board, total $9.8 million and will be ready to roll when tolling on the Interstate begins late 2017.

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The Multimodal Project is done in conjunction with:

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